How to Apply
Candidates must complete and submit the Certified Clinical Documentation Specialist (CCDS) examination application. It is an editable PDF that you can complete on your you computer, save, and submit via email. See the instructions on the form.

Understand the program and its requirements
The other sections on this web site, including the Examination Candidate's Handbook, provide specific and detailed information about the CCDS credential and its requirements. It is the candidate's responsibility to read and understand the contents of the handbook before applying for certification.

Examination fee
The fee for the certification application process and examination is $255 for ACDIS members and $355 for non-members. Payment may be made by credit card, personal check, or money order payable to HCPro, Inc. While fees are non-refundable, payment will be returned if the application is not approved.

How to apply for the examination
Complete and submit the application (PDF document) according to the instructions on the form. If you wish you may print the application and complete by hand. Write legibly and use black ink. Submit the application by fax or mail, using the contact information provided on the application.

ACDIS and HCPro will process the paper application and send the candidate’s named to AMP, the company that administers the examination. AMP will send scheduling instructions to the candidate, and the candidate will schedule their own examination.

To request special accommodations, please complete the Request for Special Examination Accommodations form and submit with the exam application.
Candidates have four months/120 days from the date their name is submitted to AMP to schedule and take their exam.

Refer to the Examination Candidate's Handbook for more specific information regarding the examination.

Apply to re-take the examination after failing
If a candidate fails the exam, they may take it again after waiting 90 days from the date of the failed exam. ACDIS will discount the exam fee to $125 for the first retake only. Subsequent attempts to pass the exam will be at full price. Click this link to download the re-exam application.