The recertification process for the Certified Clinical Documentation Specialist (CCDS) ensures that clinical documentation improvement professionals stay abreast of changing government and private-payer regulations, documentation and coding requirements, and important developments in the field of CDI.

CCDS recertification is due every two years on the anniversary of the date on which they passed the CCDS exam. Applications are accepted no more than 60 days before their due date.

CCDS certification holders must submit the recertification application along with proof of having earned 30 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) relevant to the CDI field. Individuals may submit no more than 10 CEUs for a single activity, with the exception of the annual ACDIS Conference or the HCPro CDI-related Boot Camps.

Only CEU activities completed after a candidate passes the CCDS exam may be submitted for recertification. CEUs must be earned during the two-year period when the certification is valid. Additional CEUs do not carry over to the next renewal period.

Although ACDIS strongly recommends submitting 30 CEUs by the two-year exam anniversary date, CCDS certification holders are extended a 45-day grace period to submit their CEUs. Failure to submit CEUs within this 45-day grace period may result in penalties, late fees and eventual revocation of the CCDS credential. A former credential holder may recertify by reapplying for and successfully passing the CCDS exam.

A percentage of applicants will be audited to ensure that they have met the CEU requirements. Recertification candidates should keep a record of participation in all of their CEU qualifying activities in the event of an audit.

Need to know what CEUs are accepted for CCDS recertification?
Download this document for a complete list of what you can submit.

Recertification fees
ACDIS members pay a $100 recertification fee when submitting their CCDS Recertification Application. The fee for non-ACDIS members is $200. Complete and submit the application (PDF document) according to the instructions on the form. If you wish you may print the application and complete by hand. Write legibly and use black ink. Submit the application by fax or mail, using the contact information provided on the application.

Recertification late fees
Effective July 1, 2016, ACDIS instituted a policy and penalty fee for late Certified Clinical Documentation Specialist (CCDS) recertification. ACDIS will continue to maintain a 45-day grace period from the date recertification is due for certification holders to submit their application and proof of continuing education credits. After 45 days, ACDIS will mail a letter to the address on file, advising the CCDS holder that their certification is suspended pending submission of a successful application. A successful recertification application is one that includes the completed recertification application, proof of continuing education credits (copies of all CEU certificates), and accepted payment.
CCDS credentials will be suspended six months after the recertification due date. Certification may be reactivated if an individual submits a successful application and the recertification fee, plus a $150 late fee. This must be completed within one year of the original recertification due date.
Certification will be revoked after one year if it is not recertified. Individuals must take the exam again in order to hold the credential.

Recertification reminders

  • It is CCDS holder's responsibility to know their recertification due date. ACDIS sends multiple email reminders to the email address on file. ACDIS is not responsible for late, suspended, or revoked certifications.
  • Email contact information updates to
  • Email with inquiries to verify contact information on file or to ask about CCDS recertification due dates.

CCDS Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Applications for CCDS Continuing Education Units (CEUs) must be submitted in advance of all training and education programs. ACDIS requests at least 30 days to review, approve and process applications. Any fees due must be paid before the CEU certificate will be issued.

CEUs will be issued on a one-hour-equals-one-CEU basis. CEUs are not issued for welcoming and opening remarks, breaks, or informal discussions outside the training session.

Training sessions must be a minimum of one hour in length. Fractions of hours over one hour are accepted (e.g. a 1 ½ hour program).

ACDIS will issue CEUs for activities that provide training and education on CDI-related topics such as ICD-10, clinical disease or diagnosis, disease process, coding, documentation improvement activities, related technology, DRG, reimbursement, anatomy and physiology, or diagnosis/pathophysiology education.

Training may be conducted face-to-face as a seminar, workshop or lecture, as an audio conference or webinar, or as an online or elearning program.

The application must be accompanied by speaker/presenter bio(s) with credentials, a list of learning objectives, a list of benefits to the attendee, and a timed agenda.

ACDIS reserves the right to examine the program content prior to issuing a CEU certificate.

There is no fee for CEU applications from ACDIS Local Chapters. Click here to download the Local Chapter application.

Fees for CEUs for third party vendors and facilities are as follows:

  • For non-profit: $75 for 1 to 5 CEUs, $15 for each additional CEU
  • For profit: $150 for 1 to 5 CEUs, $15 for each additional CEU

Click here to download the non-chapter CEU application. Instructions about how to submit the application and required supporting materials are on the application.

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