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Member Insight: Thoughts on working remotely

by Laura J. Werner, DC, RN, BA, BSN, MSN, CDIP, CRCR, CCS

When our team was told that if we hit our KPIs for three months consistently we would be able to work from home, it boosted the morale of the team and the KPIs shot up faster than a firework display. As the team reached the KPIs and folks started going home, it brought admiration for those granted the privilege.

The day of transition, however, brought hugs and a feeling of disconnect that was not expected. As things were packed up and goodbyes were said, the ride on the elevator was lonely and questions started to pop up: what will happen to the morning coffee routine? How will we stay connected? How will questions be answered? These are some of the questions a good manager will address when given the go-ahead to allow folks to work from home.


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