New CDI specialists onboarding: Extended 90-day onboarding calendar

Clinical documentation has shifted over the last decade by changing the scope of practice from CC/MCC capture that allowed for DRG shifts to focusing on the importance of quality measures, clinical validation, denial management, and HCC capture for risk adjustment purposes. These changes have brought the need for deeper education for clinical documentation integrity specialists particularly when onboarding someone who is new to the specialty. It is well known within the clinical documentation profession that the learning curve takes time, often 1-2 years before a new CDI specialist begins to feel confident in their practice and begins to make a consistent impact.

Join us on September 21, 12-12:45 p.m. eastern, for a free webinar with CDI educational instructor Dawn Valdez, RN, LNC, CCDS, CDIP, where she will discuss the most effective method of onboarding new CDI specialists to the field of CDI. By attending the webinar, you’ll also receive a complimentary extended 90-day onboarding calendar filled with activities that include many free resources that will enable the new CDI to integrate the skill sets required for long-lasting success.

During the program, Valdez will highlight concepts such as:

  • Introduction to the foundational concepts needed to apply critical thinking
  • An enhanced knowledge base of clinical information that goes beyond capturing only abnormal lab and diagnostic values
  • How to understand and/or implement clinical validation, quality control measures, and the concept of risk adjustment along with denial prevention techniques for the most commonly denied diagnoses
  • How to identify query opportunities and build query writing skills through developing compliant queries
  • How to arrive at the correct working DRG by implementing important coding concepts that are too often forgotten over time
  • By understanding the importance of compliance and legal topics such as the False Claims Act and OIG investigations and more…

Don't miss this must-attend program.

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