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Webinar: Artificial Intelligence and Clinical Documentation: The Impact on Quality Outcomes and Physician Engagement

Tethering the outcomes of both clinical and financial integration are critical in today’s pay-for-performance environ¬ment. Physician engagement in creating high quality clinical documentation is a key driver for the clinical and business decisions that impact healthcare organizations' ability to improve quality while reducing costs. And, Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhances physician engagement by enabling better capture and documentation of patient cases.

Join us on Tuesday, April 4th to hear why though most organizations have some form of CDI program in place today, healthcare leaders consider it highly important among their organizational priorities for 2017.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore advancements in speech and cognitive technologies that engage and excite physicians
  • Review the positive quality and financial outcomes of deploying a clinically-focused approach to documentation improvement
  • Change the way you think about how clinical documentation is captured and how you measure success