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Webinar: Discover Best Practices for Concurrent Coding

Does your organization need concurrent coding? Key benefits include improved clinical validity, a streamlined query process with physicians to reduce DRG mismatches and post-discharge queries—and, of course, fewer denials. All these benefits drive better quality care for patients.

For a close look at best practices, join our live webinar with Indra Osi and Nick Judd, HIM and CDI directors, respectively, for an Ohio-based health system, plus Diana Ortiz, a CDI product leader for 3M Health Information Systems. They will explore how concurrent coding aligns both coding and CDI teams in real-time to accurately code and document encounters while patients are still being treated in the hospital. Concurrent collaboration helps CDI specialists and physicians translate clinical documentation into language coders can use to efficiently improve accuracy.

A concurrent view allows both teams to focus on their distinctive skill set and to prioritize high-impact cases, such as complex surgeries and extremely long lengths-of-stay.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how concurrent coding helps coders and CDI teams focus on their distinctive skill sets.
  2. Leverage a collaborative, real-time workflow that frees CDI teams to tackle complex scenarios that drive clinical validity and reduce denials.
  3. Prioritize high-impact cases—such as complex surgeries and long lengths-of-stay—by creating a concurrent view that improves efficiency for both coding and CDI teams.