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Webinar: Expansion of Clinical Documentation Improvement to Outpatient and Physician Services: A Growing Trend

As patient volume shifts from inpatient to outpatient services at healthcare provider organizations, attention to Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) is more crucial than ever.  A traditional inpatient CDI program focuses on physician documentation with a CDI Specialist concurrently reviewing documentation for additional complications and comorbidities to improve reimbursement while reducing bill-holds due to waiting for query responses.  With outpatient and physician services revenue cycle, additional diagnoses don’t necessarily mean additional payment.  CDI in these areas focus more on the inefficiencies that inadequate documentation creates in the revenue cycle, most frequently around medical necessity.

This webinar will provide insight into the outpatient CDI market and provide understanding of what your peers are doing, based on an ACDIS Outpatient CDI Survey.  We will review best-practice solutions for initializing an outpatient and physician services CDI program, as well as recommendations for enhancing an existing program.

This program will cover:

  • The need for an outpatient CDI program and provide recommendations on how to expand an inpatient program for both the outpatient and physician setting.
  • The challenges around assessments, setting up a program, how to represent ROI, get management support, and how to show the benefits of the program. 
  • Strategies for overcoming obstacles and review our recent findings and outcomes from work with 3M clients.