ACDIS Outpatient CDI Apprenticeship

The Association of Clinical Documentation Integrity Specialists (ACDIS) is proud to launch a new certificate program for those seeking to enter the clinical documentation profession in the fast-growing outpatient setting.

The ACDIS Outpatient CDI Apprenticeship is a certificate program comprised of foundational outpatient CDI education, paired with case studies of successful programs and informative interviews with outpatient CDI directors who have solved the complex problem of how to get started in this emerging space. Candidates who pass the final exam receive a certificate of CDI foundational training and are allowed to designate themselves as an ACDIS-Approved Outpatient CDI Apprentice. 

Why become an ACDIS Outpatient CDI Apprentice? 

The ACDIS Outpatient CDI Apprenticeship demonstrates that an individual has foundational Outpatient CDI knowledge and has familiarity with the ACDIS Code of Ethics and other guiding principles for compliant query practice. Individuals who pass the final examination are allowed to use the designation ACDIS-Approved Outpatient CDI Apprentice in their resumes, biographical information, or email signatures. Designation as an ACDIS-Approved Outpatient CDI Apprentice demonstrates to potential employers that an individual has foundational knowledge of outpatient CDI.

Pathway to the CCDS-O credential 

The ACDIS Outpatient CDI Apprenticeship has also been designed as a pathway to future Certified Clinical Documentation Specialist-Outpatient (CCDS-O) designation. Candidates interested in obtaining the CCDS-O credential must fulfil prerequisites, including one or two years’ experience in outpatient CDI (see for details). The ACDIS Outpatient CDI Apprenticeship can be used as a pathway for progression toward the goal of CCDS certification and those who participate in the ACDIS Outpatient CDI Apprenticeship will receive regular networking opportunities, special offers on further education, and support to continue on the journey.

What does the ACDIS Outpatient CDI Apprentice comprise? 

The training includes three modules devoted to key concepts and responsibilities of outpatient CDI specialists, two case studies of successful outpatient programs, and two panel interview sessions with three outpatient CDI professionals who launched or ran thriving outpatient CDI departments. The course also includes additional reading curated by the experts at ACDIS, including a position paper on compliant queries in outpatient CDI and an adaptable job description.

Only after successfully passing a final exam does an individual receive the certificate stating they have demonstrated knowledge of foundational CDI education.


ACDIS has identified the key concepts and clinical conditions new outpatient CDI specialists need to learn in order to hit the ground running, as well as the principles they must master to ensure compliant practice. The ACDIS Outpatient CDI Apprenticeship can be used to: 

  • Introduce new outpatient CDI specialists to their roles and responsibilities and ensure foundational competence 

  • Provide accurate training on important topics and chronic clinical conditions, such as diabetes and obesity 

  • Launch a new outpatient CDI program or improve the performance of a moribund program.

To sign up, please visit our marketplace page. ACDIS members save $100.