Local Chapter Leadership Toolkit

Reaching out to CDI peers needn’t seem daunting. Chances are others in your area want to connect as much as you especially in such a growing profession. Below chapter leaders from across the country have collaborated to craft a "toolkit" to help as you begin your efforts and advance your networking capabilities.

Click on the links below for tips and sample documents.

If you need additional assistance contact ACDIS Associate Director Melissa Varnavas at mvarnavas@acdis.org.

Chapter Advisory Board

The ACDIS Chapter Advisory Board serves as liaisons between local chapter leaders and ACDIS national administration by participating on chapter leadership conference calls, promoting best practice, and providing guidance to leaders across the country. They annually review the local chapter leadership toolkit and official local chapter agreement form to ensure compliant chapter activities.

2019 Board Members: Leola Burke from North Carolina, Deb Dallos from Florida, Lillian Dickey from Washington, James Doster from Georgia, Karen Elmore from Missouri, Lori Ganote from Kentucky, Joan Korn from Wisconsin, Lori LaFaver from Pennsylvania, Angelica Naylor from Missouri, Kristie Perry from Tennessee, Molly Seibert from Oregon, Rani Stoddard from California, Rachel Strom from North Dakota, and Aimee Van Balen from Massachusetts.

To read the 2018 committee members' bios, click here.

Getting started

(Click here to read a nine-page summary of steps to get a local chapter started written by members of the Chapter Advisory Board.)

  1. Chapter Advisory Board call covering the Chapter Leadership Toolkit offerings and how to leverage them
  2. Tips for reaching out to area facilities
  3. Local chapter benefit poster
  4. Tips for hosting an initial meeting
  5. Sample invitation letter
  6. Online membership roster
  7. Sample welcome PowerPoint presentation
    1. Note: This three-slide presentation was created by the Heartland ACDIS Chapter, which began in 2012 and gathers CDI professionals from Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Illinois, and Kentucky.
  8. Sample meeting agenda
  9. Sample agenda for subsequent meetings
  10. Sample meeting checklist for leadership (note donated by North Carolina ACDIS Chapter)
  11. Chapter Advisory Board call discussing managing membership rosters, meeting attendance, etc.

Next steps

Now that you have had a few meetings and the group is energized and excited to continue meeting it is time to take a few “next steps.” You will need to choose leadership and sign an agreement form, determine meeting frequency and format, plan ahead for education components, and consider vendor involvement. In this section of the Local Chapter Leadership Toolkit you will find:

  1. ACDIS Local Chapter Agreement Form
    1. This agreement form must be signed by three core team volunteers from three different facilities annually.
    2. Core leaders who successfully complete one year of voluntary service are eligible for a discount on ACDIS National membership in the year following their service.
    3. Volunteers may electronically sign this document (e.g., ss://Melissa Varnavas) and completing the remaining information as indicated on the form.
  2. Sample roles and responsibilities for chapter leaders
    1. Basic responsibilities
    2. Informal vs. formal structure
    3. Leadership types
  3. Sample meeting formats
    1. Meeting frequency and sample agendas
    2. Remote/virtual events
      1. Advice for remote events
  4. Expanding participation
    1. List of related industry associations (links to their chapter pages)
  5. Preset meeting options
    1. Note: This document provides ideas for educational sessions and links to additional materials that chapter leaders can use to fill out their event agendas.
    2. Blank PowerPoint template
  6. Volunteer assistance
    1. Sample onsite volunteer to-do checklist
  7. Vendor involvement
    1. Sample Vendor Participation policy
    2. Sample Vendor Policy from South Carolina
    3. Sample Vendor Relationship Disclaimer
    4. Sample ACDIS Local Chapter Vendor Exhibitor Policy
    5. Sample Vendor Request Letter
    6. Sample Vendor Tracking Spreadsheet
    7. Sample policy for Management of Associated Commercial Promotion in accordance with ANCC requirements employed by HCPro
    8. Sample policy and procedure for ensuring the integrity of educational sessions
  8. Obtaining speakers
    1. Sample speaker application form (Note this is a pdf of ACDIS annual conference speaker application, chapter leaders need to adapt it either in a word format or online survey tool to fit their needs)
    2. Sample speaker solicitation letter
    3. Sample speaker bio information form donated by the Michigan ACDIS Chapter (useful for collecting information related to continuing education up-front)
    4. Leverage raffle winners by asking them to present on what they learned after using the material they won
    5. Use in-house expertise from physicians, coders, and CDI professionals
    6. Contact advisory board members or past conference presenters who live in your general area
    7. Speaker evaluation form for local chapter use
    8. Sample speaker evaluation form using Google forms from North Carolina
    9. Sample event/meeting leadership review checklist

Advancing Offerings, Continuing Growth

  1. Leadership team building
    1. Set regular leadership team meetings and recurring agenda items to keep team on track
      1. Invite national representative (Melissa Varnavas) to sit as an honorary member of the leadership team
    2. Ensure regular participation of all leadership members and reach out individually to those who miss multiple meetings
    3. Identify individuals' strengths and weaknesses and assign tasks that meet those strengths and help build on expertise
  2. Sample chapter bylaws
    1. Chapter Advisory Board call discussing bylaws
    2. Note:The following chapter leaders shared their bylaws as examples for others to review and adapt to their needs.
    3. Florida bylaws
    4. Georgia bylaws
    5. Minnesota bylaws
    6. North Carolina bylaws
  3. Sample financial and dues collection processes
    1. Sample receipt for dues
    2. Sample late dues letter
    3. Sample proof of chapter existence
    4. Sample treasurers' report to chapter membership (North Carolina-February 2016)
  4. Offering CCDS continuing credits
    1. CCDS request for CE credit form
    2. Example of effective CE application from Indiana
    3. Example of effective CE application from Florida ACDIS Chapter; thorough, clear, and legible
  5. Succession planning
    1. Sample letter request for new leadership California
    2. Sample letter requesting new leadership due to abdication from Massachusetts
  6. Chapter newsletters
    1. Sample newsletter from the Maryland ACDIS chapter (July 2018)
    2. Sample newsletter from the Washington Evergreen ACDIS chapter (summer 2018)
    3. Sample newsletter from the California ACDIS chapter (April 2017)

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