Events & Products FAQs

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How is ACDIS PRO different from the ACDIS Pocket Guide? Do they contain the same information?

ACDIS PRO is updated in real-time with revised guidance and new conditions added throughout the year—no need to wait for next year’s book. ACDIS PRO is also customizable via bookmarks, notes, links, etc. ACDIS PRO is convenient for on-the-go-use because it will confirm to any electronic device—whether that be desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. ACDIS PRO is also searchable—no need to flip through pages to find what you need. Additionally, ACDIS PRO includes access to information related to the patient safety indicators (PSIs) contained in the PSI 90 composite. CDI specialists can use this information to determine which encounters can be excluded from a quality measure and help boost their organization’s quality scores, potentially impacting its reimbursement rates.

ACDIS PRO contains all of the information that is in the ACDIS Pocket Guide. Because it is updated in real-time, you’ll have access to new regulatory guidance and newly added conditions sooner than you would if you waited for the next edition of the book to publish. Additionally, because ACDIS PRO is online, it doesn’t have the same limits a book has, so it includes information that is not in the ACDIS Pocket Guides, such as sample queries, conditions exclusive to ACDIS PRO, and information related to PSIs.  

Do I get a discount on the ACDIS conference as an ACDIS member?

Yes! ACDIS members get $100 off their ACDIS conference registration, which is in addition to any applicable group or early bird pricing. To take advantage of the membership discount, please contact our customer service department at

ACDIS members can also get $100 off their registration for the ACDIS Symposium: Outpatient CDI event, which takes place immediately before the ACDIS conference.

Click here to learn more about the ACDIS conference.

Do I get other discounts on ACDIS products as an ACDIS member?

ACDIS members qualify for special discounts on a variety of products, including:

  • $100 off the annual ACDIS national conference
  • $100 off the ACDIS Symposium: Outpatient CDI
  • $150 off in-person bootcamps
  • $100 off the ACDIS apprenticeships

You can find a full list of ACDIS’ products and services by clicking here.

I’m looking for specifically outpatient education. Do you have an event for that?

Yes! The ACDIS Symposium: Outpatient CDI is focused exclusively on CDI efforts in the outpatient and ambulatory setting and features innovative sessions and dynamic speakers you won’t find anywhere else. It takes place immediately before the annual ACDIS conference.

Click here to learn more about the Symposium.

I’m looking for education specifically designed for physician advisors. Do you have an event for that?

Yes! The ACDIS Physician Advisor Forum (previously known as the Physician Advisor’s Role in CDI pre-conference) offers two days of premier education delivered by the country’s leading physician advisors. It takes place immediately before the annual ACDIS conference.

Click here to learn more about the Physician Advisor Forum.

Do you offer virtual versions of the ACDIS conference? If not, do you have other virtual event options?

Unfortunately, ACDIS is unable to offer a virtual option for the ACDIS conference. Following the conference, ACDIS does offer a separate virtual event featuring recordings of one track of the conference, called the ACDIS Encore event. More information about this event will be available following each year’s in-person event.

ACDIS also offers occasional free virtual events and webinars which will be advertised on the ACDIS website in the “Free Resources” section and in CDI Strategies.

Where can I find a list of all of ACDIS’ products and services?

To learn more about our most recently published books, upcoming conferences, exciting bootcamp offerings, and other resources designed to help your team achieve success, click here or select a product from the dropdown menu titled “Events & Products.”