Earn your certificate in CDI leadership with the Leadership in CDI Boot Camp

The Leadership in CDI Boot Camp is available in three formats: online eLearning at your own pace, live in person, or live virtually with an instructor. All modalities earn students the Leadership in CDI Certificate, and graduates are designated as ACDIS-Approved CDI Leaders.

This course provides knowledge and confidence to become an effective leader in CDI, including how to manage and staff the department, develop a department mission, and create a strategy that aligns with your organization’s goals. For more information or to register, visit https://hcmarketplace.com/leadership-in-cdi. ACDIS members receive $150 off in-person classes.

Benefits of the Leadership in CDI Boot Camp

This course will give you strategies for how to:

  • Lead at the organizational level. An essential first step is to understand the far-reaching impact CDI has across the organization (e.g., quality, healthcare data reporting, denials, compliance). We explore how you, as a leader, can collaborate across the departments and leverage the power of a strong CDI department to support your organization’s financial, quality, and strategic goals.
  • Put compliance front and center to drive success and prevent risk. Successful CDI leaders are acutely aware of how to identify compliance risk areas so that they do not leave their department open to vulnerabilities. You will leave with ideas and best practices for conducting internal audits and an understanding of denials management.
  • Hire, develop, and manage staff successfully. CDI leaders across the country struggle to find and grow talent within their teams. We give solid advice—specific to CDI—for how to screen, interview, and hire strong CDI specialists and how to develop them over time.
  • Direct the CDI department. Defining the mission of your department; charting goals, growth, and expansion; and managing change encourages purpose-driven leadership. You will receive guidance on how to intentionally utilize your department's mission to evaluate opportunities and requests that arise for your department. We delve into CDI metrics and offer tips for communicating program and staff effectiveness up and down in the organization.

The Leadership in CDI Boot Camp will help you:

  • Connect how reimbursement methodologies, payer methodologies, healthcare data and compliance, and the CDI function relate to one another
  • Understand common CDI metrics and how to monitor, interpret, and report on staff effectiveness
  • Successfully perform management responsibilities within CDI, such as creating job descriptions, interviewing candidates, and managing remote employees
  • Gain strategies for how to define your program’s mission, reporting structure, and staffing modules
  • Take home ideas for department policies and expansion

Earn the ACDIS Leadership in CDI Certificate

The final portion of the online version of the Leadership in CDI Boot Camp features bite-size training on core business skills and leadership competencies:

  • Brief eLearning courses related to:
  • Business writing
  • Conflict resolution
  • Setting goals to guide employee performance
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • An ACDIS position paper on effective CDI leadership
  • Excerpts from leading ACDIS books on management

Graduates of the Leadership in CDI Boot Camp demonstrate that they have cultivated both the CDI knowledge and the business and management skills necessary to be a successful leader. They earn the Leadership in CDI Certificate and are allowed to use the designation ACDIS-Approved CDI Leader in their resumes, biographical information, or email signatures.

For more information or to register, visit https://hcmarketplace.com/leadership-in-cdi. ACDIS members receive $150 off in-person classes.