Meet the ACDIS Leadership Team

Brian Murphy
ACDIS Director








Responsible for overseeing ACDIS' direction, including the annual conference, industry guidance, and providing an authoritative voice in the industry.

What’s your favorite fall pastime? "My favorite fall pastimes include apple picking with my family at a local orchard, which also has amazing cider donuts, best when warm/right out of the oven.I also enjoy watching the occasional old '70s/'80s horror movies on VHS/my old VCR, which adds to the atmosphere and evokes nostalgia for the days of video cassette stores."

Melissa Varnavas
Associate Editorial Director


Responsible for the development of books, newsletters, blogs, webinars, and local chapter networking.

What’s your favorite fall pastime? "My favorite is apple picking. When I was young my great aunt Olga (Og) would take us and she would bring her own plastic bags and stuff apples in her pockets and purse. Afterwards, the family would peel and cut and make apple pies all day. They’d go in the freezer and get pulled out for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years’ desserts. A few years ago, I started making fairy houses out of findings from the forest floor with the kids and then we’d carve pumpkins. Usually all this would be going on while the Patriots were playing in the background."

Linnea Archibald
ACDIS Editor


Responsible for ACDIS' publications, including the CDI Journal, CDI Strategies, and the ACDIS Blog, and maintaining ACDIS' social media presence. Also responsible for maintaining and managing the ACDIS CDI Leadership Council

What’s your favorite fall pastime?"Fall is my favorite season and I love pretty much everything about it. My husband and I go to the same apple orchard every year and I always make cardamom apple crisp when we come home. The crisp air and changing leaves in New England make fall the perfect time for an extended walk with the dog and a trip to the farmers' market too. When I come home, I love settling in with a great book and burning a fall-scented candle as dusk settles."

Carolyn Riel
Associate Editor


Responsible for assisting with developing, creating, and curating ACDIS' publications,  maintaining ACDIS' website, and maintaining ACDIS' social media presence.

What’s your favorite fall pastime? "Oh, this is such a hard one because I love fall so much! I think I’m going to go the route of naming some of my favorite things about autumn: Hot spiced apple cider. Butternut squash and pumpkin everything. Cooler weather and chunky sweaters. So much of the color orange (it’s my favorite color). Caramel, pumpkin spice, mulled cider, and all other autumn scented candles. Apple and pumpkin picking with my cousins, something we’ve done ever since we were kids. Oversized flannels. My university’s homecoming and my town’s apple harvest festival. Hot apple cider doughnuts. And finally, the making of a perfect night: making a goat cheese and pumpkin pizza, watching Hocus Pocus, and drinking Flag Hill cranberry apple wine with friends." 

ACDIS Instructors

Laurie Prescott,

CDI Education Director


Responsible for developing and teaching HCPro's CDI Boot Camps, and serving as a subject matter expert, speaker, and author for ACDIS.

What’s your favorite fall pastime? "I enjoy anything outdoors—football games, hiking, dog walking, motorcycle rides. And then I love to come home to the slow cooker aromas of stew, potato soup, roast pork, and spiced cider. I light my candles, put on a fleece sweatshirt and my wool socks, eat good food and read a great book. Once it is time for bed, I enjoy windows open and heating pad on."

Sharme Brodie,

CDI Education Specialist


Responsible for teaching HCPro's CDI Boot Camps, and serving as a subject matter expert, speaker, and author for ACDIS.

What’s your favorite fall pastime? "One of my favorite pastimes for the fall is watching football with my family. We are all really big Patriot fans, almost to the point of being a little crazy. I also love being outside come fall. Georgia is usually too hot in the summer to really do anything outside other than being out in the pool so I love to plant new bulbs in my yard decorating for Halloween, which includes pumpkins and hay and blowups in the yard. I also love to go to flea markets, not to usually buy things but, to people watch."

Dawn Valdez,

CDI Education


Responsible for teaching HCPro's CDI Boot Camps, and serving as a subject matter expert, speaker, and author for ACDIS.

What’s your favorite fall pastime? "My favorite fall pastime involves all outdoor stuff. I love going to fall festivals here in the mountains. Pumpkin carving, hayrides, and all the outdoor grilled food are all available in the Smokey Mountains in the fall. I also love driving through the mountains to see the beautiful array of colors in the fall. The temperature is just right for hiking so that’s one of my favorite pastimes as well in the fall season."


ACDIS Sales Team

Carrie Dry
National Sales Manager


Responsible for sponsorship engagement, vendor relations, and advertising opportunities.

What’s your favorite fall pastime? "I love going to the Arboretum near us in the fall. In addition to the beautiful fall colors, they also have scarecrow trail made by the local girl scouts (when my kids were younger, we always made one), and a fall festival. I also love baking pumpkin chocolate chip cookies/muffins!"