Outpatient CDI inside and outside the hospital walls

October 12, 2022

Today’s guest is Tami McMasters Gomez, MHL, BS-HIM, CCDS, CDIP, the director of coding and CDI services at the University of California Medical Center at Davis in Sacramento. Today’s show is a part of the “Leadership with Linnea” series. In every episode of this series, Associate Editorial Director Linnea Archibald be joined by one guest from the ACDIS Leadership Council ranks or a contributor from one of our ACDIS publications to discuss a topic relevant to leaders in the industry, whether or not they currently hold a traditional management title.

Our intro and outro music for the ACDIS Podcast is “medianoche” by Dee Yan-Kay and our ad music is “Take Me Higher” by Jahzzar, both obtained from the Free Music Archive.

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