What’s TOAD got to do with it?

Today’s guest is Laurie L. Prescott, RN, MSN, CCDS, CCDS-O, CDIP, CRC, the interim director for ACDIS and director of CDI education for HCPro, based in Middleton, Massachusetts. Today’s show is part of the “Conversations with Karla” series. In every episode of this series, ACDIS Editor and Product Coordinator Karla Accorto will be joined by a guest who’s behind one of our most popular and exciting ACDIS educational offerings to share their expertise.

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Today’s sponsor:

Today’s show is brought to you by the 2023 ACDIS Outpatient Pocket Guide. The 2023 ACDIS Outpatient Pocket Guide is the essential resource for outpatient coding guidance, HCC updates, compliant query best practices and standards, E/M requirements, and diagnostic definitions.

Co-written by ACDIS’ interim director and CDI education director Laurie Prescott; James Manz, a practicing physician at the Mayo Clinic who is steeped in the latest physician documentation terminology; and Autumn Reiter, vice president of CDI services and tech enablement for CorroHealth, the 2023 ACDIS Outpatient Pocket Guide is a winning combination of practical, tailored CDI tips and resources and clinical, regulatory, and coding guidance adapted from the official sources.

The 2023 ACDIS Outpatient Pocket Guide offers the latest information outpatient CDI professionals need to know, including:

  • Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 guidelines
  • AHA 2022 Coding Clinic guidance
  • 80+ conditions including new entries for thalassemia and cachexia

The 2023 ACDIS Pocket Guide introduces two new icons designed to assist you in easily identifying conditions with specific considerations:

  • A toad icon indicates that that a TOAD status code may need to be reported with this HCC. TOAD is a quick mnemonic that can be used to remind providers to capture Z codes related to conditions such as *T*ransplants, *O*stomies, *A*mputations/*A*IDS and *D*ialysis Status.
  • A caution icon indicates that this HCC infrequently occurs in the outpatient setting; therefore, if it is listed as a diagnosis, it may have been inadvertently carried over from a recent/past hospitalization and used on a postadmission visit.

You can learn more about the 2023 ACDIS Outpatient Pocket Guide by clicking here (http://ow.ly/vTbp50Min2L).

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