ACDIS update: ACDIS team sits down in front of the camera to discuss website offerings

CDI Strategies - Volume 13, Issue 11

The ACDIS website contains a wealth of information and resources for ACDIS members and non-members alike. Whether you’re looking for information about your local chapter, certification, or the latest development in CDI, it can be found on our website. But, you need to know where to look first.

To help you navigate the website and understand the educational offering available to you as a member or non-member, the ACDIS team sat down in front of the camera last week to walk you through it.

If you’re interested in learning more about ACDIS’ certification programs, check out the video with Certification Coordinator Penny Richards on the topic. In this video, she walks through all the resources available on the website pertinent to both the CCDS and the CCDS-O certifications.

If you’re looking to connect with the CDI community in your geographic or focus area, Associate Editorial Director Melissa Varnavas has some tips for you too. In this video, Varnavas covers all the resources available related to chapters—from joining to leading.

If you’re curious about ACDIS’ publications and aren’t sure where to look for the information you need, watch this video with ACDIS Editor Linnea Archibald. In this video, she’ll explain what ACDIS’ three publications are, what they contain, and how you can access them.

To find any of these videos, go to the “Resource Library” tab in the main menu and click the “Videos” link from the dropdown. All the website-related videos are labeled as “Website tips,” so be on the lookout for those! The ACDIS team will be adding to the series over the coming weeks. If you have a specific question, please feel free to email us anytime.