ACDIS update: ACDIS wants to know your CDI Week activity plans

CDI Strategies - Volume 16, Issue 31

As CDI Week grows ever nearer, ACDIS is compiling suggestions for our “Under the Sea-DI” celebrations. Though the CDI community is spread out across the nation, CDI Week makes sure we never feel oceans apart. So, drop ACDIS a line and share your department’s and/or personal plans for this week of CDI recognition!

When it comes to celebrating CDI work, the world is your oyster. Some programs put up decorations, pass out informative and fun flyers, plan out activities, throw parties, or all of the above! Virtual events and activities are especially becoming more and more prevalent for CDI programs. ACDIS will be releasing materials in preparation for September 12-16, including the already-available 2022 CDI Week Poster and informative fact sheet, and celebration ideas are soon to come.

That’s where we’d love your contribution—what will CDI Week look like in 2022 at your facility? Send in your current activity plans to ACDIS at and they could be shared with the whole community. We’re sure many of you have thought up something fin-tastic!

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