ACDIS update: CDI Week is just around the corner. Join us September 18-22!

CDI Strategies - Volume 17, Issue 37

The summer is drifting away, and fall is rolling right on in, bringing with it a new foliage, a new set of sweaters never to be worn, pumpkins carved in cartoonish fashions, apple ciders, Kit-Kats and Halloween candy galore, and – our favorite – CDI Week!

Next week is CDI Week and our theme this year is CDI Success Stories: Writing Your Next Chapter. Like any good title, it is properly ambiguous. Whose success are we referring to? Whose story? What event is in the next chapter?

Like all good authors, ACDIS has merely posed the question but not answered it. (A cop-out, certainly; but just so poetic). Next week will be not only a time to celebrate the stories your CDI department has written but, also, the ones you want to write next. What does success look like in your department? What kind of story does your department want to write? Where does your CDI story sojourn to next?

Nevertheless, no story would be a great story without a set of side quests for the enjoyment of its protagonists. To that end, we have provided a few activities for you to engage in – a sample of which you can find below.

It is our hope that you enjoy them, and please, keep writing!

Check out the CDI Week page for more details!

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