ACDIS update: COVID-19 survival toolkit available to members and non-members

CDI Strategies - Volume 14, Issue 13

As healthcare organizations nationwide prepare and begin to deal with the growing COVID-19 pandemic, CDI professionals are faced with new documentation challenges, on top of adapting to remote work and engaging increasingly overwhelmed physicians. To help CDI professionals adapt, ACDIS has released a CDI COVID-19 survival toolkit of common clinical indicators as a free resource.

While many facilities are still preparing for their first wave of COVID-19 cases, we anticipate the number of cases to rise. We want to offer our support as organizations move through this pandemic.

The free resource can be found for download here, and offers information to learn more about the signs, symptoms, and presentation of possible COVID-19 positive patients. A very special thanks to CDI Education Specialist Dawn Valdez, RN, LNC, CDIP, CCDS, for her efforts in writing this new resource.

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