ACDIS update: Does your new staff orientation process include mentorship?

CDI Strategies - Volume 14, Issue 28

Starting a new profession is always difficult and becoming a CDI specialist is no different. While more jobs include new hire training programs—likely including some sort of lesson plan, and perhaps a designated educator—one of the most successful education tools is mentorship.

A mentor allows for that one-on-one teaching and learning that is so beneficial for understanding a new line of work. It allows new employees to make connections with their colleagues and receive the specific education they need, as well as offering them a designated person to ask questions and seek advice.

Whether or not your CDI program has a mentoring program, ACDIS wants to know! Please take a moment to respond to our latest polling question and let us know about your mentoring program (or lack thereof).

Once we close the poll in a couple weeks, ACDIS will share the data with the community through CDI Strategies and through our social media channels.

Responding will take less than a minute and we really appreciate your feedback. Click here to respond to the poll today!

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