ACDIS update: Help us collect data on admission type management!

CDI Strategies - Volume 18, Issue 13

Help our ACDIS Regulatory Committee collect data by taking this survey on admission type management!

The purpose of this survey is to gather detailed insights into how healthcare institutions categorize and manage admission types, specifically urgent versus elective admissions, to assess the need for evaluation requests to the National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC) definitions.

By analyzing institutional practices, challenges, and innovations in admission type determination, the ACDIS Regulatory Committee aims to identify discrepancies and areas where current definitions may fall short.

This effort is directed at ensuring patient admission categorization accurately reflects clinical realities, thereby impacting patient safety, billing processes, and healthcare delivery efficiency.

The collected data will inform a potential submission to the NUBC by the ACDIS Regulatory Committee, advocating for revised admission type definitions that better align with contemporary healthcare practices, ultimately supporting improved patient care and reducing systemic inefficiencies.

Want to help? The survey will be open from now until April 30.

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