ACDIS update: How to get your CEUs in during the summer

CDI Strategies - Volume 16, Issue 25

It’s easy to procrastinate completing the recertification process. But if you can knock out a few CCDS/CCDS-O continuing education credits (CEU) now, ‘future you’ will be very thankful. ACDIS members have free access to a multitude of CEU-earning opportunities that are easy to take advantage of. You can earn up to 10 CEUs per year just by reading each edition of the CDI Journal and taking the quizzes (six total), and listening to the Quarterly Conference Calls and taking the surveys (four total). Tackling one or two now will set you up to fulfill recertification requirements without issue. If you take advantage of all 10 for each year of your certification period, you’ll have 20 out of the required 30 CEUs under your belt!

On top of those, ACDIS offers other free opportunities for earning CEUs that are available to members and non-members alike, such as:

These opportunities are happening all the time, with the July/August edition of the CDI Journal right around the corner and a free sponsored webinar on compliant computer-assisted physician documentation adoption strategies for CDI teams airing on Thursday, June 30! For more information about earning CEUs and completing the recertification process, visit the certification section of our website.

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