ACDIS update: Leverage search functionality to find the resources you need

CDI Strategies - Volume 15, Issue 10

The ACDIS website houses a wealth of information and resources both for members and non-members alike. If you’re looking for help on a specific CDI topic, it’s very likely the ACDIS website has something that could be of service. Instead of poking through the various resource types, articles, and pages on our site, we recommend visitors leverage our website search functionality to pull up all the resources related to their desired topic in one fell swoop.

Here’s a quick tutorial on using the search functionality:

1. Type your search term in the main search bar on the website (for this example, we used “sepsis”) If you’re searching for a phrase (such as “respiratory failure”), put all the terms within quotation marks to search for the whole phrase rather than each individual word.

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2. On the search results page, the order will default to sorting by date, with the newest result first. You can also change the dropdown menu under "Sort by" to "Relevance" if you prefer, though we suggest leaving it sorted by date to ensure that the most recent results appear at the top of the list.

3. You can also filter your search by the content type (either articles or resources) and the date the item was created (last week or last month), which will narrow your search even further.

You can also use the search functionality on the Resource Library pages to sort by date, category, or type, or search for a keyword just like you would in the main website search functionality.

Happy searching! And if you have questions, feel free to reach out.