ACDIS update: Make sure to claim these CEU opportunities before the year’s end!

CDI Strategies - Volume 17, Issue 53

Did you know that ACDIS members are eligible for 11 free CEUs before 2023 is over?

That’s right!

ACDIS members have the following opportunities to receive those much-needed recertification CEUs by:

  • Reading all six CDI Journal editions and completing their corresponding quizzes
  • Listening to all four Quarterly Conference Calls and completing their corresponding surveys
  • Watching the remaining two ACDIS Podcasts on December 6 and December 20 and completing the corresponding surveys (note that the podcasts and accompanying CEU opportunities are open to all!)

Not counting the free resources that are open to everyone regardless of membership status (including the ACDIS Podcast, sponsored webinars, etc.), ACDIS members can receive 10 free CEUs per year just by virtue of being a member. That means that over your two-year recertification period, you can earn 20 of your needed 30 CEUs just through your membership. When you add in the free opportunities, you will have more than enough credits to recertify.

(Please note that while Journal editions and Quarterly Conference Calls may be retroactively accessed through the archives in order to receive CEU credits up to one year after the publishing date, ACDIS Podcast CEUs are not accessible past the two-day designated timeframe.)

Looking for more information about earning CEUs and completing the re-certification process?

Click here!

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