ACDIS update: Participate in the 2023 ACDIS Salary Survey!

CDI Strategies - Volume 17, Issue 44

Help you, help yourself …

…And participate in the 2023 ACDIS Salary Survey!

Every year, ACDIS offers the opportunity for CDI professionals to share important financial information in our annual survey. This survey is important as it allows current and aspiring CDI specialists the ability to see the compensatory landscape of the CDI profession, as well as its growth over time.

ACDIS members are able to use this data to advocate for CDI career ladders, promotions, higher pay, bigger CDI budgets, and more.

As of now, the survey is open so please participate! The survey takes approximately five minutes to complete, and the results will be shared in late 2023.

The survey is anonymous, and the results will be aggregated to protect privacy.

Thank you in advance for your contribution!

Click here to participate now.

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