ACDIS update: Please take a moment to answer the newest ACDIS poll on coder staffing

CDI Strategies - Volume 13, Issue 37

Over the past couple months, ACDIS has been running a series of polling questions about the staffing in different departments—from nurses, to physicians, and now to coders. According to the last two polls, 75% of respondents’ organizations are short-staffed for nurses and 49% are short-staffed for physicians.

Inadequate staffing in other departments can have a far-reaching effect on CDI efforts—for example, if the medical staff are already overworked, will they be particularly excited for new CDI initiatives? If the coding team is stretched too thin, will they have time for cross-departmental collaboration and education?

Please take a moment to respond to our latest coder staffing poll. The results will be shared with the ACDIS community through CDI Strategies.

We appreciate your feedback.

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