ACDIS update: Submit your CDI tips, stories, advice to ACDIS’ publications

CDI Strategies - Volume 13, Issue 29

You’ve surely learned some valuable CDI lessons during your professional journey, whether you’ve been in the field for two months or 20 years. One of the wonderful things about ACDIS is that it gives those working in the field the platform to share that advice with their peers, helping others, in turn, along their CDI journeys.

While venues such as the ACDIS Forum and local chapters give CDI professionals the place to connect on an individual level, writing articles for ACDIS publications provides a larger scale platform to reach more CDI specialists nationwide.

ACDIS accepts submissions for the ACDIS Blog and in the CDI Journal. The ACDIS Blog is often features new contributing writers and is a more informal space than the Journal. Blog posts tend to be between 500-700 words long and can be focused on whatever CDI topic the author desires, provided that it follows ACDIS’ Code of Ethics and does not contradict ACDIS’ published guidance.

The Journal is published on a bimonthly basis and its articles tend to be 750-1,500 words long and a bit more formal than Blog posts. While authors may submit on any topic they choose, each edition of the Journal does center around a particular theme and contributors are encouraged to submit articles related to those themes. Currently, ACDIS is seeking contributions for the September/October edition focused on CDI and denials management and appeals process. The deadline for submissions is Thursday, August 1.

All submissions will be reviewed editorially. ACDIS reserves the right to publish and edit any contributions as it deems necessary based on topic, style, and editorial needs.

To submit an article for the Blog or Journal, send your idea or draft to ACDIS Editor Linnea Archibald ( We can’t wait to read your CDI advice!