Certification update: Ways to gather your year-end CEUs

CDI Strategies - Volume 13, Issue 54

The end of the year is fast approaching. If you need to gather a few more CCDS/CCDS-O continuing education credits (CEUs) don’t forget to take advantage of your ACDIS membership. ACDIS members have free access to 10 CEUs per year simply by virtue of being a member—six from reading each edition of the CDI Journal and taking the quizzes, and four from listening to the Quarterly Conference Calls and taking the surveys.

ACDIS members can go back through the archives one year to take advantage of these CEU opportunities. If you were to take advantage of all 10 for each year of your certification period (certification holders must recertify every two years), you would have 20 out of the required 30 covered to recertify.

On top of the CEU opportunities included with your ACDIS membership, ACDIS offers a number of free opportunities to both members and non-members alike throughout the year. For example, every September ACDIS hosts a CDI Week webinar which offers one CEU. Additionally, many of the programs offered in partnership with our sponsors offer CEUs. All of these programs can be found in the “Free & Sponsored Resources” section under the “Resources” dropdown.

For more information about earning CEUs and completing the recertification process, visit the certification section of our website.

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