Conference corner: 10 things to look forward to at the 2018 ACDIS conference

CDI Blog - Volume 11, Issue 75

We're so excited to see you at
the 2018 ACDIS Conference!

The 2018 ACDIS Conference is only 37 days away. This year’s event will be held May 21-24, at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. While the ACDIS conference is special and memorable each and every year, the ACDIS team is especially excited for some specific reasons this year.

Here are 10 things we’re looking forward to and that we think you should be excited for too:

1. The welcome reception: The welcome reception takes place on the first night of the conference, May 21, and it has been a staple for many years now. While it may not be a new addition, the welcome reception is a wonderful time to catch up with your CDI pals from near and far in a casual environment, over drinks and snacks.

2. The "One Thing" conference theme: For the first time, the ACDIS conference has a theme! The theme comes from the idea that if you can bring one thing back to your program at the end of the week and implement it successfully, the conference will have been worth your time. The ACDIS team has been gathering “one things” from this year’s speakers and we’re so excited to hear what one thing you’ll learn from at this year’s event.

3. New tracks specifically for pediatrics and outpatient CDI: This year, attendees wishing to know more about CDI efforts in pediatrics and outpatient settings can go to dedicated tracks on the topics. These two new tracks came directly as a result of the ACDIS members’ suggestions and we’re excited to share the wonderful sessions comprising them.

4. Joe Flower's general session presentation: Day 1 of the conference kicks off with a presentation by Joe Flower, a healthcare futurist. This session is bound to get you thinking about the future of CDI and the broader healthcare world and it will inspire you to build a bright future.

5. Purple and Orange Day: An oldie, but a goodie. Day 1 of the conference has long been ACDIS pride day, meaning that all the attendees come dressed in their best purple and orange ACDIS colors. Not only does this make attendees clearly recognizable, but it’s also a great way to start the conference excited and (literally) vibrant.

6. The ACDIS Achievement Awards: The ACDIS Achievement Awards celebrate excellence in CDI and will be presented on Day 2 of the ACDIS conference. This year, there will be a new award for a pediatric CDI professional given in addition to the four existing awards. We’re so excited to introduce you to this year’s winners!

7. David Nilasena, MD, MSPH, MS's CMS regulatory update: Dr. Nilasena is the chief medical officer for Dallas Regional CMS office and will be providing a glimpse into the current state of CMS affairs during his keynote presentation on Day 2. You won’t want to miss this one.

8. Local Chapter Day: Like purple and orange day, the excitement in the air during local chapter day is palpable. Not only do chapters decorate tables at lunchtime and get together with other folks from their states, but attendees are encouraged to dress in clothing emblematic of their states. This is a great way to meet other CDI professionals from your area and get connected with the local ACDIS scene after the conference has ended.

9. The Closing Night Awards Reception: After the close of sessions on Day 2 of the conference, attendees are invited to a ticketed reception to celebrate the ACDIS Achievement Award Winners. Plus, ACDIS will be highlighting the work of our many boards and committees, so it’s a great time to hear about volunteer opportunities. Tickets are $25 and include appetizers and two complimentary drinks.

10. Allison Massari's general session presentation: Massari’s presentation is sure to leave you inspired. She’ll take the podium on Day 3 of the conference to share her life story and encouragement for living a happy and fulfilled life. The ACDIS team has only heard wonderful things about Massari and we’re excited to begin the last day of the conference with her.