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CDI Journal - Volume 14, Issue 1

9 Taking your first step in outpatient CDI
Outpatient CDI isn’t just inpatient CDI in an emergency department or clinic. It’s a different skillset, and it’s a different mindset.

15 Don’t let behavior health reviews psych you out
Why delve into psychiatric record review? For some programs, the expansion into psychiatric units or facilities may be driven by the needs of the patient population.

20 Go big, or go home health
Those developing CDI efforts in home healthcare have a different animal to contend with—one with its own documentation needs, policies, obstacles, and opportunities.

27 CDI in skilled nursing facilities
A new payment model and the growth of health systems nationwide has propelled some CDI professionals into this unconventional setting.

4 Associate Director’s Note
Melissa Varnavas delves into the value of listening and sharing your experiences and stories.

6 ACDIS Advisory Board Insight
Members of the ACDIS Advisory Board discuss tactics for physician engagement in today’s CDI landscape.

13 Podcast Recap
Analyn Dolopo-Simon shares how CDI can help reduce physician burnout.

18 Editor’s Note
Linnea Archibald shares the work of the Forms & Tools Library Committee and recommends resources for expansion.

25 Physician Advisor’s Corner
Amy Sanderson unpacks the clinical nuances of cerebral edema and brain compression.

30 Coding Corner
Kay Piper explains how to influence ICD-10-CM Alphabetic Index and Tabular List changes.

37 Coding Clinic for CDI
Sharme Brodie explains the contents of the fourth quarter Coding Clinic release for CDI professionals.

41 Meet-a-Member
Nancy Franciotti is the CDI manager at Inspira Health in Woodbury, New Jersey, and a member of the Philadelphia/Southern New Jersey/Delaware ACDIS local chapter.

43 A year in review
A comprehensive listing of all the CDI Journal articles published in 2019, organized by topic, to help you reach your 2020 goals.

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