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CDI Journal - Volume 15, Issue 1

6 The Diversity and Inclusion Task Force
When creating the new Task Force, it was important to choose a name that rightly reflected ACDIS’ mission, striving not only for diversity, but also inclusivity.

12 Foreign-trained physicians in CDI
People from bedside nursing and coding fields choose to enter CDI later on in their careers, but foreign-trained physicians are often drawn into CDI because of the difficulty getting a license to practice medicine in the United States.

20 Advocating for yourself
Generally, there will be someone else who can advocate for you to help you achieve your goals, but there might also come times when you’re left to solely advocate for yourself.

27 Case study: Overcoming adversity
While CDI is often seen as a friendly, welcoming group, CDI professionals do face this type of professional adversity based on things they cannot change about themselves, leaving them to determine what it might look like to overcome it.

32 CDI from a nonclinical background
It’s common to see CDI job listings that require applicants to be registered nurses. There are risks, however, with only seeking candidates from one specific background.

40 2020 in review: CDI Journal index
As the ACDIS team looks back over 2020 and ahead to 2021, we wanted to take a few moments to remind you of the topics covered last year in the CDI Journal.

4 Editor’s note
Linnea Archibald provides a behind-the-scenes look at this edition of the Journal and discusses the ways ACDIS hopes to improve the CDI industry and make it a more inclusive space.

16 Director’s note
Brian Murphy shares insight into the formation of the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force in summer 2020.

18 Podcast recap
Building an inclusive CDI industry and enacting real change requires education, research, and work.

24 Associate Editorial Director’s note
Melissa Varnavas looks back at 2020 and all the ways we’ve come together as a community.

36 Physician advisor’s corner
Howard Rodenberg discusses the ways CDI professionals can address health disparities using social determinants of health.

38 Meet a member
Rachel Mack is the consulting director, CDI, at Vizient, Inc., based in Littleton, Colorado. She is the current leader of the Colorado chapter of ACDIS and has been in the CDI field since 2012.

10 Recruitment and hiring practices
Monica Tyiska shares insight into building an inclusive department from the outside in and from the inside out.

25 Nutrition and COVID-19
Alba Kuqi discusses documentation opportunities related to nutrition in COVID-19 patients.

35 A brief look into the state of minorities and COVID-19
Angelica Naylor unpacks the mortality and risk associated with COVID-19 in minority populations and how CDI professionals can help.

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