News: 24% of revenue cycle executives find CDI, coding staffing difficult, survey says

CDI Strategies - Volume 18, Issue 6

HealthLeaders recently conducted a survey of 87 revenue cycle executives, asking them questions regarding technology, staffing, and priorities for the year. Here are the results of the survey (the questions of the survey are indicated in italics):

What are you prioritizing in 2024?

  • 70% said automation and technology
  • 66% said improving financial performance
  • 62% said data and analytics
  • 60% said improving payer/provider collaboration
  • 43% said improving patient financial experience

What percent of your revenue cycle operations are fully digitized or automated?

  • 22.99% said less than 10%
  • 24.14% said 10%-25%
  • 24.14% said 25%-50%
  • 14.94% said 50%-75%
  • 13.79% said more than 75%

Which revenue cycle function is the most difficult to staff?

  • 52.87% said front-end (registration, prior authorization, eligibility)
  • 24.14% said middle (clinical documentation integrity, coding)
  • 22.99% said back-end (billing, collections, insurance follow up)

How important is the need for revenue cycle technology transformation at your organization?

  • 52.87% said it’s an absolute and immediate need
  • 39.08% said it’s a neutral, moderately important initiative
  • 8.05% said it’s a low-ranking priority

Editor’s note: To read the full HealthLeaders survey, click here.

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