News: CDI productivity for new and subsequent reviews remains steady, survey shows

CDI Strategies - Volume 13, Issue 1

It’s been two years since ACDIS last conducted a CDI productivity survey. Anyone in CDI knows industry trends change rapidly, so ACDIS sought to take the pulse of current CDI productivity through a mini, five-question survey. While the number of charts reviewed has trended up slightly since 2016, productivity remained fairly steady.

According to the new survey results, the majority of respondents (49.81%) review 6-10 new charts per day, followed by those who review 11-15 new charts per day (27.17%). For re-reviews, the most common range was either 6-10 (34.34%) or 11-15 (34.72%) charts per day.

When it comes to timing an initial review, the overwhelming majority of respondents say they wait 24-48 hours after admission to review the chart (72.83%). This was also popular for timing re-reviews with 82.26% saying they wait 24-48 hours between the initial chart review and the re-review.

These timeframes are largely in line with the expectations placed on CDI professionals. Most respondents (46.79%) say they’re expected to review a patient’s chart once every other day of the patient’s admission.

If you’d like to see the full results of the mini survey, click here.

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