News: CMS announces continued action in response to cyberattack on Change Healthcare

CDI Strategies - Volume 18, Issue 11

On February 21, 2024, Change Healthcare—a subsidiary of the UnitedHealth Group—was subject to a cyberattack that caused large reductions in cash flow for healthcare organizations and huge delays for patients scheduling care or receiving and paying bills. On March 9, CMS released a statement announcing that they continue to monitor and assess the impact this has had on all provider and supplier types. Earlier this week, they announced in a statement that they would consider applications for accelerated payments for Medicare Part A providers. In this new statement, they announced they will be considering applications for advance payment for Part B suppliers as well.

CMS has met with health plans, providers, and suppliers over the last week to understand the most pressing concerns, and their Medicare Administrative Contractors (MAC) are expediting actions needed for providers and suppliers to change which clearinghouse they use, accepting paper claims if needed, and responding to provider and supplier inquiries regarding MAC processes.

In their continued efforts to support the provider community during this situation, CMS is also:

  • Working closely with States and urging Medicaid managed care plans to make prospective payments to impacted providers
  • Directing MACs to provide public information on how to submit a request for a Medicare accelerated or advance payment available on their websites
  • Pressing UnitedHealth Group and Change/Optum to swiftly communicate with the healthcare sector and to offer better options for interim payments to providers and suppliers
  • Meeting with private healthcare plans and encouraging their continued efforts to help avoid further disruption to the healthcare sector
  • Encouraging Medicare Advantage (MA) organizations to offer advance funding to providers affected by this cyberattack

Editor’s note: To read CMS’s full statement, click here.

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