News: CMS announces new COVID-19 vaccine codes

CDI Strategies - Volume 16, Issue 31

CMS announced there are new COVID-19 vaccine and vaccine administration codes, both in MLN Connects and the Federal Register. In their coverage of this update, ICD10 Monitor said to visit the COVID Vaccine Provider Toolkit for the most current codes, payment allowances, and effective dates. These three codes are as follows:

  • CPT code for the Novavax vaccine: 91304 (COVID-19 vaccine, recombinant spike protein nanoparticle, saponin-based adjuvant, preservative free, 5 mcg/0.5 ml dosage for intramuscular use)
  • Code assigned for the administration of the first dose of the Novavax vaccine: 0041A
  • Code assigned for the administration of the second dose of the Novavax vaccine: 0042A

The July 22 Federal Register published the agenda for the Coordination and Maintenance Committee meetings scheduled for September 13-14, which includes the tentative agenda for the procedure codes:

  1. Administration of two new drugs which will not be discussed but will accept written comments.
  2. External support device for AV fistula creation
  3. Implantation of polymethyl methacrylate cranioplasty plates
  4. Insertion of transcatheter bicaval valve system
  5. Implantation of bioprosthetic femoral venous valve
  6. Intubated prone positioning
  7. X Code updates
  8. Classification updates

The diagnosis code topics include the following:

  1. Extraocular muscle entrapment
  2. IgA nephrology (IGAN)
  3. Inappropriate sinus tachycardia
  4. Insulin resistance syndrome
  5. Leukodystrophies
  6. Nontraumatic coma, not elsewhere classified
  7. Sickle cell retinopathy
  8. Classification updates

Editor’s note: You can read ICD10 Monitor’s coverage of this story, click here. You can access the COVID Vaccine Provider Toolkit here.

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