News: First quarter 2024 HCPCS Level II code update brings more than 300 new codes

CDI Strategies - Volume 17, Issue 55

CMS released its January 2024 HCPCS Level II code update on December 7, outlining 344 new and 74 discontinued codes. The code changes mentioned in this update will become effective January 1, 2024, JustCoding reported.

The 2024 first quarter update includes HCPCS Level II codes covering numerous procedures and supplies. Of the new codes, some highlights include:

  • 66 codes for gradient compression garments, stockings, sleeves, gloves, wraps, and bandages (A6520-A6529, A6552-A6589, A6593-A6610)
  • 33 codes for injections
  • 20 codes for skin substitutes (Q4279, Q4287-Q4304, Q5132)
  • 15 codes for patient experience survey responses (M1239-M1253)
  • Administration of social determinants of health risk-assessment tool (G0136)
  • Community health integration services (G0019, G0022)
  • Eye exams, plan of care, and exam results (M1220-M1226)
  • Hepatitis C virus tests (M1228-M1235)
  • HIV pre-exposure prevention counselling and prescription medication (G0011-G0013, J0750-J0799, M1368, Q0516-Q0518)
  • Principal illness navigation services (G0023, G0024, G0140, G0146)
  • Psychotherapy for crisis (G0017-G0018)
  • Screening and patient information (e.g., high or low body mass index, tobacco use, vaccinations given during measurement period, palliative or hospice care user, patient activation measure score)

Of the discontinued HCPCS Level II codes, some highlights include:

  • Cranial electrotherapy stimulation system (K1002)
  • Documentation of why a treatment was or was not prescribed (G9192, G9453, G9454, G9612-G9614, G9697, G9927)
  • Electronic positional obstructive sleep apnea treatment (K1001)
  • Injection codes (C9152-C9158, J9160, S0166, S0171)
  • Nasal/sinus endoscopy, cryoablation (C9771)
  • Nerve stimulators (K1016, K1020, K1023)
  • One-time screening for HCV infection (G9451, G9453, G9454)
  • Vitrectomy, mechanical, pars plana approach, with subretinal injection (C9770)

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in JustCoding here. To read CMS’s first quarter HCPCS Level II update, click here.

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