News: Leapfrog Group gives 33% of U.S. hospitals an “A” grade for patient safety

CDI Strategies - Volume 16, Issue 19

The Leapfrog Group conducted an analysis of 2,844 United States hospitals, and one-third of the facilities earned an “A” grade for patient safety, HealthLeaders reported. The nonprofit group publishes reports on hospital patient safety in the fall and the spring.

Leapfrog Group’s analysis uses more than 30 measures, including the PSI 90 Patient Safety and Adverse Events composite, which features 10 component measures. The distribution of letter grades for the hospitals in the spring report is as follows:

  • 33% received an “A”
  • 24% received a “B”
  • 36% received a “C”
  • 7% received a “D”
  • Less than 1% received an “F”

The top 10 states by percentage of “A” grade hospitals are as follows:

1. North Carolina (59.8% of hospitals with an "A" grade)

2. Virginia (59.2%)

3. Utah (55.6%)

4. Colorado (55.3%)

5. Michigan (50.6%)

6. Idaho (tied at 50.0% of hospitals with an “A” grade)

6. Massachusetts (tied at 50.0% of hospitals with an “A” grade)

6. Hawaii (tied at 50.0% of hospitals with an “A” grade)

9. Oregon (47.1%)

10. Pennsylvania (45.9%)

Three states and the District of Columbia had no hospitals with an “A” grade: North Dakota, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Of the 2,844 hospitals reviewed, only 17 received an “F” grade.

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