News: OIG releases 2024 report to Congress highlighting enforcement activities

CDI Strategies - Volume 18, Issue 23

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has released its Spring 2024 Semiannual Report to Congress, according to a recent federal press release.

According to the report, from October 1, 2023, through March 31, 2024, the HHS-OIG reported 712 criminal and civil enforcement actions "against individuals and entities suspected of engaging in crimes targeting HHS programs,” and “excluded 1,795 individuals and entities from participation in federal health care programs.”

During this same timeframe, the HHS-OIG made 195 “new audit and evaluation recommendations,” and implemented 213 “prior recommendations.” In addition, the HHS-OIG press release prominently featured four of the following highlights from their report:

  • The OIG found that fewer than 1 in 5 Medicare enrollees with opioid use disorder received medication to treat their disorder. 
  • The OIG found that United States states continue to experience challenges in their efforts to meet third-party liability requirements, such as difficulties obtaining timely and reliable coverage information from third parties.
  • The OIG found that nursing homes were especially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to face chronic challenges with staff, including the significant loss of staff and substantial difficulties in hiring, training, and retaining new staff.
  • The OIG found that gaps in the Administration for Children and Families’ implementation of sponsor screening and follow-up calls create vulnerabilities that could impact the safety of unaccompanied children who are released to sponsors.

Editor’s note: To read the OIG press release, click here. To read the full OIG report, click here.

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