News: Thiamene administration gives renal protection in septic shock, study finds

CDI Strategies - Volume 18, Issue 9

Intravenous thiamine supplementation caused a decline in renal replacement therapy (RRT) requirements for patients with septic shock, according to a recent study published in Critical Care. For those with thiamine deficiency, this benefit was even more pronounced. Though previous studies had evaluated the effects of thiamine supplementation in patients with septic shock, this is the first to specifically assess renal outcomes, Medscape Medical News reported.

Researchers analyzed 158 patients with septic shock from two previous trials, thiamine in septic shock and thiamine for renal protection in septic shock, who were randomly assigned to receive either thiamine supplementation or a placebo. From their analysis, they concluded the primary outcome was RRT-free survival. Other takeaways included:

  • Patients receiving thiamine supplementation versus placebo showed a higher likelihood of RRT-free survival at discharge
  • A significantly higher number of patients in the thiamine group did not receive RRT
  • In the thiamine-deficient patients, thiamine supplementation was associated with higher odds of RRT-free survival at discharge

Editor’s note: To read Medscape Medical News’ coverage of this story, click here. To access the study, click here.

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