Note from ACDIS: Addressing a public health crisis

CDI Strategies - Volume 14, Issue 26

Like most Americans and citizens of the world, the staff of ACDIS was outraged at the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. Sadly, their deaths are only a few in a long line of similar acts of violence perpetrated against people of color. They are a visceral, visual symbol of the deeper, underlying problem of systemic racism operating in our society.

We stand with the American Public Health Association’s unequivocal statement that racism is a public health issue. To address this issue, we believe change is needed in all industries, including our own corner of healthcare.

ACDIS is committed to doing ongoing work to help address racism and find ways to ensure that underrepresented groups receive equal opportunities, both within our association and the industry at large.

We are committed to the process and to being transparent and rigorous as we move forward. As ACDIS determines its next steps, we welcome your input into how you are feeling about these issues, and ways we can help. Please reach out to us at and share your suggestions, requests, and personal stories related to this issue. We are not only making it our mission to make ACDIS a place of diversity and inclusion and use our platform to bring forward the voices that have been silenced but we recognize it as our responsibility. 

As healthcare professionals, we are in a unique position to help address this public health crisis. Let’s work together to identify the ways CDI professionals can help make strides toward equal opportunity for all.

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