Note from the Associate Editorial Director: CDI education and networking in the time of COVID

CDI Strategies - Volume 14, Issue 51

by Melissa Varnavas

How is it November? Fates be praised that it is November. Soon, Thanksgiving and whatever turkey, stuffing, cranberry delights represent your holiday tradition no doubt will come your way. Soon, the start of winter and its lights.

Later in this edition of CDI Strategies, we offer a sneak peek at ACDIS Online: Uncovering Outpatient CDI Opportunities which takes place December 9-11. I promise you I won’t be popping out from behind a curtain for this event, or sliding out from under a Christmas tree, or offering to share my leftover eggnog. I also promise, however, that I will be up to my usual shenanigans and do hope that those who join us will take advantage of the unique education and networking opportunities the ACDIS team and 2020/2021 Events Committee have been plotting. Sound mysterious? If you’ve been sleuthing next steps for your outpatient efforts, we have the real-world clues to get you there.

Not too look too far ahead, but soon, too, we actually will be in 2021, the year of the Ox whose attributes include discipline, loyalty, and “a fair appreciation of tangible reality” (thanks ACDIS, abiding by those principals, announced last week that its annual conference will move to October next year to accommodate those who’ve needed to make financial and travel adjustments due to COVID and the reality the pandemic presents to us all. Because of the move, we’ve also moved out the deadline for speaking proposals for the conference and will keep the conference speaker application period open through January 8, 2021. We encourage you to apply to speak by clicking here.

If you have any questions about these events or our plans for keeping you informed and connected as move into the new year, please reach out. We’d love to hear what you’re excited about in 2021, what has you scratching your head, what motivates your heart, and, as always, how we can help.

Editor’s note: Varnavas is the associate editorial director for ACDIS. Contact her at  

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