Note from the Associate Editorial Director: Nominate your extraordinary colleagues for an ACDIS Achievement Award

CDI Strategies - Volume 13, Issue 5

By Melissa Varnavas

“I was completely shocked,” said Leah Savage, MSN, RN, about winning the 2018 Pediatric CDI Professional ACDIS Achievement Award. “I just about dropped my phone. I could not believe it.”

“I actually cried to my husband when I found out I’d won,” said Tracy Boldt, RN, BSN, CCDS, CDIP, winner of the 2018 Recognition of CDI Professional Achievement Award. “I told him the team was off their rockers for selecting me as I know many peers in the industry doing amazing work in CDI.”

Each year the ACDIS Achievement Awards recognize excellence in the CDI profession and bestow high honors on extraordinary CDI professionals from across the country. Honorees are nominated by colleagues and peers and ultimately chosen by the ACDIS Conference Committee, a process that takes hours of time and dedication—pouring over the many accomplished and deserving nominations.

At the end of the process, ACDIS honors one individual for each of the following awards:

Winning an ACDIS Achievement Award is one of the highest honors in the profession and nominating a colleague for such an award shows how much you respect and appreciate their hard work for the CDI community.

Note that the process is rigorous as it does aim to identify the outstanding leaders in our industry so please review the nomination requirements, visit the online nomination form and take time to work with your nominee to gather the appropriate information.

If you have an exceptional colleague or CDI friend, submit an award nomination, DEADLNIE EXTENDED to MARCH 1.. We look forward to hearing all about their accomplishments.

Editor’s note: Varnavas is the associate editorial director of ACDIS. Contact her at