Note from the Certifications Coordinator: Good news and bad news

CDI Strategies - Volume 13, Issue 37

by Penny Richards

How about both at the same time?

I am retiring on September 26. And while I’ll miss you all dearly, I will be leaving you in good hands since, within a few weeks, you will be able to complete all of your certification and recertification application processes online. And—we’ve developed a CEU tracker!

You have been asking for online options for a long time and it’s exciting to finally be able to bring them to you.

Over the next four weeks, we will roll out the new processes and provide instructions about how to use these new tools.

You’ll be able to start logging your CEUs into the tracker as you earn them. You should continue to hold onto the certificates in case your application is selected for an audit. When you have the number of CEUs you need and are within 60 days of your recert due date, all you’ll have to do it click a button on the website to submit your application. Once this new system is in place, we will no longer accept paper applications.

Almost anything you need to know about the CCDS and CCDS-O certification process is on the ACDIS website. You’ll find answers to these common questions (and more):

  • When is my recertification due?
  • What are the fees for certification exams or recertification?
  • Which CEUs can I submit for recertification?
  • How many CEUs do I need to submit?
  • I missed my due date, can I still recertify?

You should call customer service for:

  • A receipt
  • Assistance logging into your ACDIS membership
  • To ask when your ACDIS membership expires

So, I’ll only be here a few weeks longer. Take a deep breath and make a recertification plan. You’ll do fine as long as you know your recertification due date (don’t count on email reminders, mark it on your calendar) and send in your paperwork on time.

My first priority in retirement will be a Bermuda Cruise (my first-ever cruise!). Any recommendations for “don’t miss this” fun? Email me!

Editor’s note: Richards is the certifications coordinator for ACDIS. Contact the Certification Office at