Q&A: Navigating the multiple significant trauma body site categories

CDI Strategies - Volume 13, Issue 6

Q: I have a question about DRG 963. I’ve heard that we need three different trauma diagnoses from at least two different body site categories for this DRG. The DRG Expert has a list of all diagnoses under DRG 963, but it doesn’t separate them into body site categories. Where can I obtain a list of the body site categories and the diagnoses listed under each one?

A: You are on the right track by going to DRG 963. I don’t know what year DRG Expert you’re are using, but I have the 2019 edition and will use this to show you the different lists you need qualify for Major Diagnostic Category (MDC) 24, Multiple Significant Trauma.

The first list is the “Trauma Diagnosis” list which starts on p. 963, under DRG 963. It continues to p. 1012, where you will find the first list “Significant Trauma Body Site Category 1-Head.” The next list is on p. 1013, “Significant Trauma Site Category 2-Chest,” and then on to p.1014 for the next “Significant Trauma Site Category 3-Abdomen.” There are a total of eight significant trauma site categories ending on p. 1028 where you will find DRGs 964 and 965.

I would recommend highlighting or bookmarking each of the eight-significant trauma body site categories for easy referral.

Editor’s Note: Sharme Brodie, RN, CCDS, CDI education specialist and CDI Boot Camp instructor for HCPro in Middleton, Massachusetts, answered this question. For information, contact her at sbrodie@hcpro.com. For information regarding CDI Boot Camps, click here.

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