Website tip: Make the most of the ACDIS polling questions, data

CDI Strategies - Volume 15, Issue 7

ACDIS regularly publishes polling questions on the website spanning a number of topics pertaining to the CDI field. You may ask yourself, though, how ACDIS uses the information gathered from the polls.

Often, polling data provides ACDIS leadership insight into the topics and areas CDI specialists struggle with. It also provides helpful insight into topics covered in the CDI Journal, as well as give us benchmarking metrics that may be useful to other CDI departments. For instance, the current poll question asks how many days physicians are given to respond to a query before triggering an escalation policy.

ACDIS members can also access the past polling results in the archives. Many members have asked for input on specific topics pertinent to their own programs and we often point them to a poll we’ve previously run.

We’re also happy to take your suggestions for new polls to help you find data to support a programmatic change at your own facility. If you have a suggestion, email ACDIS Editor Linnea Archibald at

Please take a moment to peruse the previous polling questions on the ACDIS website. You may be pleasantly surprised to find information on a CDI topic you’re dealing with today. And don’t forget to respond to our latest polling question!