2017 CDI Week Industry Overview Survey

A lot has changed in healthcare broadly and CDI specifically since the initial rollout of ICD-10-CM/PCS in 2015. From the advent of quality initiatives, to CDI’s expansion into other settings such as outpatient, to the evolution of clinical validation reviews, it seems that every day offers a new set of challenges and adventures. Much like the Wild West— the theme for this year’s CDI Week festivities—the world of CDI is expanding, and the individuals working in this world need to saddle up for the ride.

“If you don’t like change, then CDI’s probably not the place for you right now,” says Angie Curry, BSN, RN, CCDS, CIP, CDI director at Conifer Health in Springfield, Missouri, and an ACDIS Advisory Board member. “With all the change, some days really do feel like the Wild West.”

Each year, ACDIS asks its members to weigh in on the state of the CDI profession in the CDI Week Industry Overview Survey. This year’s survey garnered 410 respondents, slightly less than last year’s numbers (612), but up from 2015 (364).

The respondents represented a number of different positions and titles:

  • CDI specialist (58.79%)
  • CDI supervisor/manager/director (27.38%)
  • HIM/coding supervisor/manager/director (2.02%)
  • HIM/coding professional (1.15%)
  • Physician advisor (0.29%)
  • Hospital executive (0.29%)
  • Consultant (2.02%)
  • Other (8.07%)

Additionally, the respondents to this year’s survey spanned several experience levels. The best represented group was CDI professionals with between three and five years of experience in their current role. Next were those with six to eight years under their belts (22.83%), those with more than 10 years (20.81%), those with zero to two years (13.29%), and finally those with nine to 10 years (10.98%).

Outside of the demographic trends, the survey also revealed other signs of expansion. Compared to previous years, more and more CDI programs have expanded, or are planning to expand, into areas beyond the traditional inpatient acute care hospital setting. The physician engagement and response rates rose further, the percentage of those who feel strongly supported by their administration improved, and the number of reviewers for quality and clinical validity increased as well.

The CDI field is changing rapidly, requiring quick thinking and an adventurer’s spirit.

Although this report will not discuss every survey question in detail, responses to all of this year’s questions begin on p. 8.