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CDI Technology Buy-in

Gone are the days when clinical documentation integrity (CDI) professionals had to work with paper medical records and queries or scan documents into a rudimentary electronic health record (EHR) system. As the CDI industry has advanced and expanded and organizations have increasingly realized the value of a well-oiled program, more and more technological solutions have arisen with an aim at streamlining, simplifying, and supporting CDI work. While some solutions only affect the CDI professional reviewing the record, physician-facing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions are becoming more prominent, which requires a well-trained eye toward physician buy-in.

In partnership with Cerner, the Association of Clinical Documentation Integrity Specialists (ACDIS) CDI Leadership Council conducted a nationwide survey on technology buy-in and asked members to share their organizational approach to this topic. In this industry report, readers get a full inside-look at the expert CDI leadership conversation and the data surrounding the start of CDI technology buy-in!