The pros and cons of remote CDI: Evaluate before you implement

This paper explores the pros and cons of remote CDI. It discloses the hidden costs that must be considered, including hardware, software, and potential travel costs. It provides insight into the type of professional most suited for remote CDI work. It discusses practical implementation strategies for starting a remote CDI department and/or a hybrid (on-site and remote) department. It offers suggestions to ensure proper timing for this type of organizational change as well as suggestions for hiring or retaining CDI professionals who are fit for remote work. Finally, it offers a sample telecommuting policy, a related job description for hybrid staff, and a checklist for getting started.

Note: This paper was updated on May 11, 2018, with a more inclusive range of backgrounds of prospective candidates in the sample job description starting on p. 21, as well as stronger privacy and security considerations in the sample telecommuting agreement on p. 18.