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White Paper: Expansion of clinical documentation improvement to outpatient and physician services: A growing trend

Broadening the scope of clinical documentation improvement (CDI) into the outpatient arena has been a growing topic of discussion in recent years. As the overall healthcare industry shifts its focus from volume of services delivered to overall quality of care, the need for complete and accurate documentation across the continuum of care is also on the rise.

According to a survey released in partnership by ACDIS and 3M Health Information Systems, nearly 90% of respondents indicated that they do not have an existing outpatient and/or physician services CDI program or do not know if they did, and 59% say their top priority is expanding their existing inpatient CDI program in the next 12 months.

How many of our survey respondents are looking to expand their CDI program’s outpatient services? Find out now by downloading this report.