ACDIS update: Are queries part of the permanent medical record at your organization? Answer the latest poll!

CDI Strategies - Volume 16, Issue 20

ACDIS polls are a great way to get a snapshot of data that you can leverage to benchmark your CDI efforts, answer a pressing question, or identify an area of potential expansion. In many cases, the polling questions you see on our website homepage are submitted by our ACDIS members, aimed at gathering information to answer a specific question for one CDI department. Other times, polls help us shape the content you see in ACDIS’ publications.

Our latest polling question was submitted by an ACDIS member looking to adjust their organization’s policy regarding query retention. Specifically, we’re asking you to share whether your queries are part of the permanent medical record or if they’re retained as part of the business record only. Your responses will help a fellow ACDIS member make meaningful changes to their department!

Respond to the new poll today!

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