ACDIS update: Share your remote work policies with the CDI community!

CDI Strategies - Volume 16, Issue 31

ACDIS has found so many helpful insights from the data in our 2022 CDI Week Industry Survey results. Chief among them is the data surrounding CDI programs’ statuses as onsite, hybrid, or fully remote. For context, only 13.43% of respondents were 100% remote prior to the pandemic. During the pandemic, however, the percentage understandably jumped to 77.68%. As the industry has adjusted in the time since, ACDIS was surprised to note that 61.9% reported their programs as still 100% remote, and another 32.15% said they have a hybrid program of some sort involving both remote and in-person work. Crazy as it sounds, that implies less than 6% of CDI professionals are working fully onsite!

For that reason, ACDIS is looking to update our sample forms, policies, and procedures surrounding remote work and wants to hear from you. What does remote CDI work look like in your facility or health system? What policies have you implemented to ensure success? We are interested in any information on this account, including how departments have addressed hidden costs, learned practical implementation strategies for starting a remote CDI department and/or a hybrid department, established policies to manage CDI professionals working in the remote sphere, and developed any specific training for this type of work.

CDI leaders and other professionals are encouraged to share their department’s policies and procedures with the ACDIS team. Help us compile and curate the best practices for this new facet of CDI work by sending your current strategies to

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